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About Us

Day Star Zendo came about through the efforts of Fr. Kevin Hunt, Roshi  and  Cynthia Taberner, Roshi.  Fr. Kevin was the residing priest for the sisters at Mt. St. Mary's in Wrentham.  He has since retired and is residing at the Trappist monastery in Spencer, MA. Cynthia, Roshi, has also retired from Day Star Zendo after 10 years of guiding the development of the Sangha. 

And because of the kindness of the sisters, they let Day Star Zendo continue to use the basement of their McMahon Retreat House as a zendo when we can meet in person(as you can see above).

Prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we met every Wednesday night for zazen (sitting meditation). And, usually once a month, we met for an extended meditation day on selected Saturdays.  We also had an established a book discussion that met monthly as well after zazen.   Now during this crisis we are "sitting" online together through Zoom based video conference calls.  If you would like find out more about us, and joining our video calls, please check out the Contact Us page.

Fr. Kevin Hunt, Roshi.JPG

Fr. Kevin Jiun Hunt, O.C.S.O., Roshi,is also a Catholic priest and a Trappist monk of over fifty years. Certified as a Zen teacher after more than thirty years of practice by Robert Jinsen Kennedy, S.J., Roshi, a Jesuit priest and Zen teacher.  He is currently retired and residing at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA.

Fr. Kevin Jiun Hunt, OCSO, Roshi
Roshi Cynthia Kin Ryu Taberner

Cynthia Kin Ryu Taberner, Roshi, received Dharma Transmission on July 15, 2017 from her teacher, Kevin Jiun Hunt, OCSO, Roshi. Fr. Kevin was a student of Robert Jinsen Kennedy, SJ, Roshi, a Jesuit priest and Zen teacher. They are part of the White Plum lineage created by Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi and Tetsugen Bernard Glassman. Kin Ryu’s ceremony was witnessed by Roshi Eve Myonen Marko, Sensei  Tim Butler,  and Jose Ramirez, JDPSN. Sensei was Fr. Kevin’s first Dharma Heir. Kin Ryu received the Precepts at her Jukai ceremony in 2010. In July of 2020 she became a Roshi. She was first introduced to meditation in the 1980s at the Center for Mindfulness in Worcester, Ma. She continued to take classes and practice vipassana for many years until she was introduced to Zen meditation. She then sat at a Zen Temple until finding her teacher at the Spencer Trappist Abbey.   She has since retired after many years serving Day Star Zendo.

Sister Madeleine.jpg

Sr. Madeleine Seikai Tacy, OP, Sensei, began practice in 1972 at a house of prayer in Round Lake, NY.  She was a solo practioner until 1998 when she spent two months training at Zen Mountain Monastery with Daido Roshi.  In 2000 she began training with Fr. Kevin Hunt, OCSO, Roshi, and received from him transmission on September 26, 2018.  Sister is a Dominican Sister of Hope and has a D.Min in Psychology.

Sr. Madeleine Seikai Tacy, OP, Sensei
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