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Welcome To

Day Star Zendo

Zen Meditation and Practice

All Are Welcomed,

All Are Beginners

Where everyday life and

the sacred are no longer two,

there is Zen


Day Star Zendo is an inter-religious Zen sangha.  Our mission is to provide a place of refuge in which people of all traditions (or none) are welcome to practice and come to a deeper realization of life. We are in the White Plum lineage created by Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi and Tetsugen Bernard Glassman. Our teacher, Kevin Jiun Hunt, O.C.S.O., Roshi, is also a Catholic priest and a Trappist monk of over fifty years.  He was certified as a Zen teacher after more than thirty years of practice by Robert Jinsen Kennedy, S.J., Roshi, a Jesuit priest and Zen teacher.    If you desire a deeper realization of who you are and your relationship to life, nature, the absolute, God – the practice of a deeper way of meditation can help you realize such insights.  This practice is not limited to people of a particular faith tradition.  Zen can help anyone who wishes to truly realize who and what they are through insight, looking deeply at oneself and what is.   

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